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Trapper T-Rex

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Trapper T-Rex

Rat Snap Trap

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Trapper T-Rex Traps

Trapper snap traps have been manufactured by Bell Laboratories and are the most advanced snap traps on the market to date. These traps, made for rats and the mini made for mice, are easy to use traps that are deemed highly effective in what it was made to do - rodent control.

Reasons Why You Should Should Buy T-Rex Traps

  • Field and lab tested for optimum performance
  • Patented teeth on both the T-Rex and Mini Rex which makes escape impossible
  • Safe and easy to use than other normal snap traps
  • Trigger sensitive and snaps at a high speed to ensure the kill
  • Includes removable bait cup
  • Can be easily placed in rodent pathways or used in co-op with bait stations

T Rex Rat Traps and Mini Rex Traps

Bell Laboratories has created an innovative snap trap that is state-of-the-art and easy-to-use. The T-Rex traps are the newest additions to the Bell Laboratories family of effective rodent control supplies and is now a safer and easier alternative to other more dangerous snap traps. Simply place them on the ground near pathways and step on the trap like a pedal to open them, which keeps all fingers safe. The patented interlocking teeth is able to trap the rodent from either the front of the trap or the side of the trap which is optimal in comparison to other snap traps. They easily fit in tamper free bait stations which make them safe to use around children or pets. Not only are they superior in trapping, but they are the strongest non-toxic alternative to poisonous rodenticides. These chemical free snap traps come with removable bait stations that you can fill with natural attractants that will lure the rodent. These snap traps also offer a visible outcome which allows for optimal monitoring. They're the ideal rodent control method in both commercial areas or even in residential areas. There is no way you can go wrong with these powerful T-Rex snap traps.